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The Taxcast

Welcome to the Taxcast, the Tax Justice Network's monthly podcast. Here you'll find news and unique analysis on tax justice, corruption and scandal you won't find anywhere else! Featuring former banking and tax haven insiders, economists and tax justice experts. It's presented and produced by Naomi Fowler with a regular appearance from the Tax Justice Network's John Christensen. Available on iTunes, Stitcher etc.

Jul 27, 2020

In this special extended interview we ask - how much wealth is stashed offshore? We speak to Tax Justice Network senior advisor Jim Henry on why his estimate for the Tax Justice Network of $21 to 32 trillion has been vindicated by new figures released by the OECD: "it means we've discovered an eighth continent of...

Jul 23, 2020

This month we bring you part 2 on how tax justice can help address systemic racism in the US. Author Shawn Rochester, (The Black Tax: the cost of being Black in America) does some number crunching on the historic denial of equality and economic costs of exclusion, Gabriel Zucman speaks on reforming the private tax of...