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The Taxcast

Welcome to the Taxcast, the Tax Justice Network's monthly podcast. Here you'll find news and unique analysis on tax justice, corruption and scandal you won't find anywhere else! Featuring former banking and tax haven insiders, economists and tax justice experts. It's presented and produced by Naomi Fowler with a regular appearance from the Tax Justice Network's John Christensen. Available on iTunes, Stitcher etc.

Dec 18, 2018

In this month's podcast: time's running out to tackle climate crisis facing us all. We look at environmental taxes and making them fair. Plus we discuss the gilets jaunes in France, a movement that's been widely reported as anti-green taxes, but is in fact born from wider desperation for their 'let them eat cake' President Macron to reverse a series of policies that have worsened inequality in the country. We give Monsieur le President a lesson in how not to implement an environmental tax...