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The Taxcast

Welcome to the Taxcast, the Tax Justice Network's monthly podcast. Here you'll find news and unique analysis on tax justice, corruption and scandal you won't find anywhere else! Featuring former banking and tax haven insiders, economists and tax justice experts. It's presented and produced by Naomi Fowler with a regular appearance from the Tax Justice Network's John Christensen. Available on iTunes, Stitcher etc.

Oct 21, 2021

In this episode Taxcast host Naomi Fowler discusses degrowth, rethinking economies and value in part 2 of her conversation with economic anthropologist Jason Hickel.

Plus: the Pandora Papers - 3 things the latest offshore leak is showing us.

Why some countries rejected the OECD's 15% minimum global corporate tax deal

And, as COP26 begins in Scotland, it's the 'last chance saloon' to take meaningful action to minimise ecological disaster - can politicians learn from nations leading the way with good policies on energy?

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You can find out more about Jason Hickel's books, Less Is More and The Divide here: 

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