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In the December 2013 Taxcast: the clock's ticking for Swiss banks, OECD countries are failing to collect enough information on the real owners of companies, and the Taxcast looks at tax and human rights: lawyers have escaped pulic scrutiny for their role in tax abuse. So far...

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In the November 2013 Taxcast: the movers and the shakers in the 2013 Financial Secrecy Index, the pariah states trying to wreck new global transparency measures, and 50 years ago this month US President John F Kennedy was assassinated. Did you know he was trying to tackle tax havens?

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In the October 2013 Taxcast: Swiss villagers send some of profit shifting mining giant GlencoreXstrata's money to humanitarian projects, tax havens do some window dressing and HOW many sets of accounts does a multinational corporation really need to file their tax returns? The David and Goliath story of tax collection - even for the United States.

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In the September 2013 Taxcast: The Netherlands is getting worried about it's bad reputation - and not because of it's red light district, China steps aboard the G20 automatic information exchange train and what do Tina Turner and Muammar Gaddafi have in common? The Taxcast breaks down the dance moves for the Swiss Shuffle.

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In the August 2013 Taxcast: we look at why development money is being invested in developing countries via tax havens and the under-reported elements of the tensions between Spain and Britain over the territory of Gibraltar. Also: tax and the environment - making the polluter pay instead of paying the polluter: the Taxcast investigates the Carbon Tax in British Columbia, Canada

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In the July 2013 Taxcast: We analyse the OECD's Action Plan it says is going to tackle corporate tax avoidance. And who needs the OECD, the G20 or the G8 anyway? The Taxcast looks at alternative working models governments could implement NOW without any more summits: Japan introduced it's Tax Haven Counter Measure Law in the 1970s and Mexico has a tax haven black list and the Dictamen Fiscal rule to help it hold multinational corporations to account.

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'Coulds' and 'shoulds' but any real action? We analyse what the G8 summit did for tax justice and why some tax havens may get a competitive advantage. And while the world waits for reform the Taxcast looks at how some countries are finding creative ways around the current global tax system.

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In May's 2013 Taxcast: Google and Apple are forced to defend their tax affairs in public, how anti-EU sentiment serves offshore interests and the Taxcast looks at tax havens and the arms trade: how secrecy kills. The Lord of War makes an appearance...

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In April 2013's Taxcast: offshore leaks blows the lid off secrecy for sale, the G20 endorse greater transparency (but let's not get too excited) Luxembourge agrees to lift its banking secrecy, Austria next? And the Taxcast takes a look at fake foreign direct investment.

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In March 2013's Taxcast: the crisis in Cyprus and the risk tax havens pose to the global economy, a surprise earthquake for UK-affiliated tax havens and a frustrated corporate tax inspector speaks out on the corrupting of the tax system.

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